We are one of the largest IT providers in Louisiana

Established in 2009, locally owned and operated dedicated to exemplary service. One of our main goals of Louisiana Computech is for you to not worry about your IT infrastructure. We are a group of experienced computer professionals that offer comprehensive and affordable computer services. Servicing your business with fast, reliable computer repair and network solutions is our priority. All services will be explained thoroughly in terms average computer users understand. You will always receive expert repair, outstanding customer service and a 100% guarantee on all work.

Outstanding Customer Service

The group of computer professionals and experienced IT staff on our team will respond rapidly to customer needs with quality solutions and excellent customer service.

Expert Repairs

You will always receive expert repair and outstanding customer service. Servicing your business with fast, reliable computer repair is our priority.

100% Guarantee on All Work

You will always receive a 100% guarantee on all work. Our job isn't done until your business is operating at 100%.

Competitive pricing on hardware/devices

We are not tied to only one supplier, and we are committed to offering you the most competitive pricing.

Solution driven IT experts at your service

At LA CompuTech, we bring our deep expertise to work for you. We’ve had the time to develop deep knowledge and well-tested practices in a number of fields, including general network solutions, HIPAA/HITECH compliance, and even remote monitoring services with our in-house application. Let us show you what we really shine at. Give us a call or contact us today!

Large businesses; Small businesses

Storage; Recovery

Desktops; Laptops; Switches; Firewalls; VOIP Phone Service

Konica Toshiba HP Desktop Printers

Camera Sales

We have proven years of experience complying with government encryption regulations, patient confidentiality policies, and staff training requirements.

Locally-developed application; Host intrusion prevention; Virus scope with process monitoring; Website filtering; Patch management; Remote monitoring; Reporting